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Achieving Competitive Advantage and Revenue From Nation Branding

While most self-marketing countries consider themselves tourism brands, leading companies in the space have found that only about a quarter of these countries actually qualify as country brands.

Experts say that nations like Germany, Japan, Dubai and Ireland are leveraging clear narratives and a balance between status and experience to grow tourism and investment revenue while some established destinations that have failed to articulate a clear story have slipped out of a true branded status.

On a tactical level, leading marketing firms have found that excessive inclusion by stakeholders has neutralized the image of destinations while clear storytelling—and the courage to leave out additional features—is leading to dramatic increases in tourism bookings, investment and even country-of-origin product sales.

Christopher Nurko, Chairman of FutureBrand, says the “kitchen sink” approach to destination and country branding and the pressure for all stakeholders to be represented in national campaigns have emerged as major obstacles for effective nation branding. Conversely, he says that simple narratives are translating to revenue leaps, and imagining social media opportunities for the visitor is an ideal starting point for brand marketing innovation.

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