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Benchmarking The Buzz on Brand South Africa

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The primary objective of Brand South Africa is to develop and implement a pro-active marketing and communication strategy for South Africa, and to promote South Africa.

Our role is to create a positive, unified image of South Africa; one that builds pride, promotes investment and tourism, and helps new enterprises and job creation.

We operate on four platforms:

  • raising awareness internationally of all that South Africa has to offer investors;
  • operating missions abroad promoting investment and export industries;
  • mobilising influential South Africans as well as members of the media abroad; and
  • boosting local pride and patriotism through various campaigns.

International marketing and mobilisation
Brand South Africa's international campaigns focus on the needs of investors in South Africa, exporters, and global South Africans.

For investors, Brand South Africa aims to increase familiarity and knowledge of South Africa as a viable, world class and profitable business destination in targeted international trade, investment and tourism markets. We match the strategies of the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti), Department of International Relations and Cooperation, and South African Tourism. Targeted countries include China, India, the US, the UK and European Union, UAE, Brazil and Russia.

Targeted advertising campaigns, through broadcast, print and online media, and other traditional marketing techniques are used to raise awareness of all that South Africa offers the international investor.

Examples of Brand South Africa's international and domestic marketing can be seen here.

Investment missions are undertaken to target countries, where investors and the media are engaged with the Brand South Africa messaging.

Export missions promote South Africa's export industries (clusters) in line with Trade and Industry South Africa’s export strategy.

Global South Africans
Global South Africans are influential, well-placed South Africans abroad. Brand South Africa aims to mobilise the Global South African network behind a programme of investment recruitment, skills identification, mentoring, skills transfer, study exchange and work experience initiatives. This is seen as an extension of the marketing initiatives in the host countries.

The Brand South Africa also engages with the global media, through projects such as MediaClubSouthAfrica. We also host groups of journalists on visits to the country.

On the home front
Domestically, our aim is to build and sustain national pride and patriotism. This is being achieved through a number of projects, such as the Movement 4 Good, the Brand Champion Programme and

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