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January 11, 2019 - Jerusalem Post

All-Women Travel Expeditions Take Off in Middle East - by Maya Margit

Amid growing demand, more and more travel companies launch trips geared towards women in Iran, Egypt, Jordan and Oman with all-female options. 

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December 9, 2018 - CNN Travel

The new train lines that could transform how you travel - by Andrea Lo

This year around the world, many new railroads have opened to bring speed and convenience to the travelers who may want to embark on rail trip, and more are opening up borders to enable international connections via train.

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December 5, 2018 - Gulf News

World’s most visited cities in 2018 revealed: Where Dubai ranks - by Cleofe Maceda

Euromonitor International released top 100 most visited cities around the world this year based on international tourist traffic. While familiar names continue to dominate the ranking, Dubai stands out as the only city from Middle East and Africa region to show up in the top 10. 

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October 23, 2018 - BBC News

The places where too many are fat and too many are thin - by Dr Sophie Hawkesworth & Dr Lindsay Keir

Global health experts acknowledge the "Double Burden" epidemic that is spreading worldwide as both obesity and underweight rates escalate in nine-out-of-ten countries. 

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October 18, 2018 - CBS News

These countries may soon have the highest life expectancies - by Ashley Welch

With Spain and Japan at top of the list, a study published in an international medical journal ranks countries with predicted highest life expectancy for 2040.

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