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November 26, 2018 -

Ireland among the top destinations for gay couples - by David Kent

The latest Latin America Travel Company's report released the best honeymoon destinations for LGBT couples. Countries on the list do not criminalise homosexuality, but they are also ranked based on marriage equality, LGBT travel recognition, romantic setting and honeymoon popularity. 

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October 18, 2018 - CBS News

These countries may soon have the highest life expectancies - by Ashley Welch

With Spain and Japan at top of the list, a study published in an international medical journal ranks countries with predicted highest life expectancy for 2040.

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September 27, 2018 - Forbes

Revealed: The 15 Most Dangerous Places to Live - by Laura Begley Bloom

2018 Expat Insider Survey reports 15 most dangerous places to live in based on quality of life, working abroad, cost of living, etc. Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, US is one of the nations ranked for higher danger.

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August 3, 2016 - BBC Travel

Living in the World's Most Reputable Countries - by Lindsey Galloway

What people believe about a country can influence everything from foreign policy to foreign investment—to whether or not people want to visit or live there.

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January 1, 2011 -

Do brands create nations?

Brands create nations, according to a study published by global branding consultancy Interbrand in collaboration with the Swiss business magazine Bilanz. An analysis of the rankings of the Best Global Brands over the past ten years shows that the USA is the uncontested world champion when it comes to creating leading brands, but when the brand power is compared in relation to the economic performance of the respective countries represented, the result is a very different picture: The real world champion is Switzerland.

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