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July 16, 2010 -

The World Cup: Putting Nations On The Map

Country branding is becoming ever more important, and the opportunity to profile a nation doesn't come much better than the World Cup.

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January 21, 2010 - Nation-Branding

A follow-up to the Branding Slovenia story - by Maja Konecnik
Further, I like the idea about our new flag proposal, which underpins our existing branding strategy. As the author already mentioned, the idea of changing the country visual elements (especially the flag) is also relevant among Slovenians. These kinds of discussions have been topical several times during our short history, but so far we have not decided to change our flag. The author’s flag proposal is in accordance with one of the conclusions of our new branding strategy. The green colour was recognized as the most typical colour in Slovenia by all relevant stakeholders, who took part in the process of our new brand development. Read more