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Which U.S. city will the teach gaint choose to
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Global Events Spotlight

With PyeongChang's strategic position in
Asia and its access to a young and fast
growing youth market, its vision for the
2018 Games is to offer the Olympic
Movement and the world of winter sports
New Horizons - a legacy of new growth
and new potential never seen before.
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With recent headlines that some New Zealand Manuka Honey Brands are misleading consumers, authenticity is more important than ever.
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Jon Mamela

Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President

Destination Canada

Jon Mamela joined Destination Canada (formerly the Canadian Tourism Commission) in August 2013 and has since taken on progressive marketing roles, first overseeing the marketing and sales activities in its key international markets and then taking over as Chief Marketing Officer in 2014. Moving into 2015, he has added additional responsibilities, including the Business Events Canada division and t... read more

Housam Raydan

Group Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications

Air Arabia

Housam Raydan is the Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications at Air Arabia Group, the first and largest low-cost carrier (LCC) operator in the MENA region and a $3 billion Dubai Financial Market listed holding company (DFM:AIRARABIA). Raydan oversees the Marketing, Public Relations, Customer Relations and CSR across the Group. He has been with Air Arabia since 2007, helping the group’s brand development... read more


Achieving Competitive Advantage and Revenue From Nation Branding

While most self-marketing countries consider themselves tourism brands, leading companies in the space have found that only about a quarter of these countries actually qualify as country brands.

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